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Job Title: Certified Nursing Assistant

Job Summary

Responsible for daily care of residents, working under the direct supervision of an LPN or RN.

Work Performed

1. Assists with resident hygiene:

  • a. Bath/shower as scheduled and as needed (including shampoos, clipping fingernails/toenails). EXCEPTION: Nursing Assistants DO NOT do nails of Diabetics.
  • b. Assists in getting residents out of bed, dressed, and readies for meals.
  • c. Assists in dining room or on the floor for meals.
  • d. Reports changes in resident’s skin condition to nurse.
  • e. Assures all soiled linens and briefs/pullups are in appropriate receptacle and cleared from soiled linen room at end of shift.
  • f. Carefully assists in cleaning all skin folds and perineal areas. Assures resident is completely dry and appropriate skin-care done.
  • g. Shaves face and neck or provides opportunity for male resident to perform daily (also includes females with facial hair).
  • h. Assists or does oral care (brushes teeth/dentures) every shift.
  • i. Assists with grooming – brushes/combs hair before meals, apply make-up, deodorant, and clean clothes daily.
  • j. Makes bed correctly preventing wrinkles and providing lined protection as needed.

2. Assists with elimination:

  • a. Offers or takes resident to toilet at least every two hours and as needed.
  • b. Checks briefs/pull-ups at least every two hours and as needed. Provides perineal care with appropriate product with every change assuring all skin folds are clean and dry.
  • c. Follows bowel and bladder training regimen as outlined by the nurse and reports results to nurse.
  • d. Empties and record Foley catheter drainage every shift.

3. Provides a safe environment:

  • a. Uses good body mechanics and safety devices (lifts, gait belt) in transferring and ambulating residents when called for.
  • b. Uses proper wheelchair safety precautions when transferring and transporting residents.
  • c. Uses restraints as ordered properly. Loosened/untied at least every two hours and resident positioned, changed, ambulated, or range of motion performed.
  • d. Keeps rooms and halls free of obstacles and spills.
  • e. Reports equipment problems promptly to maintenance or nurse.
  • f. Answers call light within residents reach at all times.
  • g. Keeps call light within resident’s reach at all times.
  • h. Assists with glasses, hearing aides, and prostheses.
  • i. Reports incidents/accidents to nurse immediately.

4. Assists in providing nutrition/hydration:

  • a. Feeds residents as needed. Prepares tray (opens milk cartons, cuts meat, refills beverages, etc.).
  • b. Assists in preparing resident for meals – take to bathroom before bringing to dining room, washes hands and face.
  • c. Pours and offers fluids at least every two hours. Provides fresh ice water in resident room every shift and as needed. Keeps water within resident reach.
  • d. Records accurate intake and output in cc’s with every snack/meal.
  • e. Follows correct diet as ordered when providing supplements/snacks to tray.
  • f. Makes sure resident’s face and hands are clean and all food is off resident before leaving dining room.

5. Assists in restorative/rehabilitative measures:

  • a. Properly positions resident in bed, chair, wheelchair, and changes position at least every two hours.
  • b. Uses assistant devices such as pillows, splints, hand rolls, etc. correctly.
  • c. Ambulates resident as outlined on care plan.
  • d. Assists while encouraging independence in activities of daily living (ADL’s) – dressing, bathing, eating, etc.
  • e. Encourages and performs range of motion exercises as appropriate.
  • f. Assists in encouraging residents with edema (swelling) of feet and legs to keep them elevated on a footstool.

6. Demonstrates protection of residents rights:

  • a. Knocks before entering room, introduces self.
  • b. Uses privacy curtains when performing resident care.
  • c. Maintains confidentiality by not discussing the resident, or their residents except when necessary for resident health/safety.

7. Takes and records vital signs, weights, and heights.
8. Assists in preparing resident admission:

  • a. Orients resident to room and facility.
  • b. Assists in unpacking if needed.
  • c. Records vital signs, weight, and height.

9. Assists in preparing resident to sleep/rest:

  • a. All residents to wear gown/pajamas at night.
  • b. Draw blinds and/or drapes.
  • c. Have nightlight on if needed.
  • d. Assists in oral/dental care.

10. Assists in infection control measures:

  • a. Provides Foley catheter care every shift and as needed.
  • b. Provides proper care of Foley catheter – hangs bag lower than hips, utilizes bag cover, hangs bag properly on bed.
  • c. Washes hands before and after each resident contact.
  • d. Properly handles and transports soiled linens. Linens transported to laundry when bag is full.
  • e. Observes isolation procedures when required.
  • f. Keeps soiled linens and trash in proper receptacles.

11. Other duties as deemed necessary by the Director of Nursing.


Working Conditions

1. Environment: works in well-lighted, ventilated area.
2. Job hazards: may be exposed to infectious disease, internal and external disaster.
3. Sits, stands, and walks most of the workday. Lifts, moves, and supports patients and equipment.
4. Must deal with patients and public on a personal basis under all conditions.


Personnel Specifications

1. High school graduate or GED graduate.
2. Certified by an approved state program within 120 days of employment.
3. Good physical and mental health. Be well groomed, courteous, and tactful.
4. Must have patience, understanding, and empathy toward the aged.


*All job descriptions are subject to change per Administration.

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