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Telford Terrace

Job Title: MDS Coordinator


Job Summary

Coordinates delivery of patient care for the residents of Telford Terrace. Participates in achieving departmental objective in clinical practice, and education. Supports the philosophy, goals and objectives of Telford Terrace.


Work Performed

Maintains a high level of patient care delivery according to the nursing process. Follows (MDS) Minimum Data Sets guidelines per regulation. Determines acuity level and patient status, delegation of assigned task and follow-up to ensure completion of task. Maintains appropriate communication with families, patients, physicians, and other third party vendors. Provides support to the nursing staff, Director of Nursing and performs other tasks as instructed by the D.O.N and or Administrator.


Professional MDS Coordinator Duties/Responsibilities

1. Completes MDS assessments, RAPS and care plans for nursing home and Medicare residents. Updates and completes care plans as assigned per scheduler.
2. Compiles MDS scheduler.
3. Completes care plan calendars when residents care plan reviews are due.
4. Attends weekly PPS/Standards of Care meetings to maintain up to date information on residents and payment process.
5. Attends quarterly Quality Assurance meetings and assist with maintaining regulatory compliance and quality improvement.
6. On-call one weekend per month as manager on duty to ensure quality care is provided to residents.
7. Conducts and attends care plan conferences when warranted.
8. Performs duties as assigned by Director of Nursing.
9. Compiles BIMS Scores for weekly PPS meeting.
10. Completes nursing on call schedules monthly.
11. Completes manager on duty schedule monthly.
12. Assist with Personal Care and ICF care plans when warranted.
13. Assist D.O.N. and A.D.O.N. with clinical issues when warranted.
14. Work closely with rehab department to ensure MDS dates are correct and residents maximize RUGS level.
15. Assist D.O.N. and A.D.O.N. with planning, organizing and implementing policies and procedures as needed.
16. Assist with managing and supervising the building when issues arise.
17. Assist and interact with other departments like Maintenance, Nutritional Services, Housekeeping, Activities, and Rehabilitation Department in providing clear expectations, directions and ensuring all staff knows their roles/responsibilities.


Working Conditions

1. Environment: works in well-lighted ventilated area.
2. Job hazards: may be exposed to infectious disease, internal and external disaster.
3. Sits, stands and walks most of the workday. Lifts, moves, and supports patients and equipment.
4. Must deal with patients, family members and the public on a personal basis under all conditions.
5. Must handle emergency situation, give emergency care, and give reassurance to patients and relatives.
6. Must promote teamwork, positive attitude and communication to any and all staff.
7. Must be flexible in adapting to various situations that may occur.
8. Must assist and/or work with other managers to maintain adequate staffing for the facility.


Personnel Specifications

1. Graduate of an approved School of Nursing for Licensed Practical Nurses and currently registered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
2. Experience in medical –surgical nursing.
3. Previous experience with geriatric patient’s.
4. Experience and knowledge in Drug Pass Methodology and requirements.
5. Good physical and mental health.
6. Be well groomed, courteous, and tactful.
7. Must have patience, understanding, and empathy toward the aged.
8. Must be willing to perform non-professional tasks.
9. Must possess a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm in order to create an atmosphere conducive to rehabilitation and growth.
10. Continue and promote a professional atmosphere.

*All job descriptions are subject to change per Administration.

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