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Job Title: RN Staff Nurse


Job Summary

Coordinates delivery of patient care for his/her assigned shift, including drug distribution to patients. Participates in achieving departmental objectives in clinical practice, education and research. Supports the philosophy, goals, and objectives of Telford Terrace.


Work Performed

Maintains a high level of patient care delivery according to the nursing process on his/her assigned shift. Determines acuity levels, patient status, and follows staffing guideline during his/her shift and plans for the next shift. Assists with evaluation of Nursing Assistants by providing feedback of performance. Maintains appropriate communication with families, patients and physician. Provides support to the nursing staff as well as nursing programs, and performs other tasks as instructed by D.O.N. or LPN Staff Director.


Professional Nursing Duties

1. Carries out administrative and patient care duties.
2. Abides by department policies and procedures and interprets them to personnel, patients, medical staff and public.
3. Evaluates patient’s needs, condition and care, and updates LPN Staff Director for each patient as part of a team effort on a 24-hour basis.
4. Does PRN charting follow-up on incidents and routine charting as assigned.
5. Performs and/or supervises and assists with patient care according to outlined policy and procedures and carries out physician’s orders.
6. Receives keys to medication carts and med room. Checks narcotics. Passes meds to all assigned residents. Documents all routine and prn meds.
7. Makes full rounds at least twice each shift as necessary.
8. Performs or supervises treatments on assigned unit.
9. Receives report from nurse of CMT on previous shift and special assignment from charge nurse or supervisor.
10. Secures drug room and medications (Lock and Key).
11. Reports to D.O.N. or LPN Staff Supervisor any unusual circumstances concerning patients (i.e. drug reaction, changes, responses to drugs).
12. Performs professional services as ordered or required, passes medications and performance of treatments.
13. Attempts to fulfill spiritual and psychological needs of patients.
14. Directs and assists with department cleaning and care of equipment.
15. Performs other duties as directed by the Director of Nursing.
16. Answers all lights, assists C.N.A. when possible.
17. Does PRN charting follow-up on incidents and routine charting as assigned.


1. Provides professional nursing care and medication distribution, following established policies and procedures and accepted standards.
2. Maintains adequate and accurate records.
3. Cooperates with other personnel to insure optimum service to residents.
4. Treats patient information as confidential material.


Working Conditions

1. Environment: works in well-lighted, ventilated area.
2. Job hazards: may be exposed to infectious disease, internal and external disaster.
3. Sits, stands, and walks most of the workday. Lifts, moves, and supports patients and equipment.
4. Must deal with patients and public on a personal basis under all conditions.
5. Must handle emergency situations, give emergency care, and give reassurance to patients and relatives (CPR Certified Maintained).


Personnel Situation

1. Graduate of an approved School of Nursing for Registered Nurses with an associate degree or better and must have a current Commonwealth of Kentucky license.
2. Experience in medical-surgical nursing. Previous experience with geriatric patients is desirable. Experience and knowledge in Drug Pass Methodology and requirements.
3. Good physical and mental health. Be well groomed, courteous, and tactful.
4. Must have patience, understanding, and empathy toward the aged.
5. Must be willing to perform non-professional tasks.
6. Must possess a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm in order to create an atmosphere conducive to rehabilitation and growth.
7. Attend in-service meetings. Continue professional growth.

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