Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telford Terrace?

Telford Terrace is a licensed health care facility. We have 14 personal care beds, 2 intermediate care beds, and 34 nursing home beds. All 34 nursing home beds are certified for Medicare. We are NOT Medicaid certified.

How do I get someone in Telford Terrace?

A physician must admit you to any nursing home. There is a necessary doctor’s visit and some required paper work. One can also be discharged from a hospital to a nursing home. We have an Admission Coordinator who can help with this process.

How will an individual pay for their stay at Telford Terrace?

This depends on the circumstances for which you were admitted. Primarily we are private pay. If you have long-term care insurance that will help cover the cost of your care. Medicare and Medicare replacement policies apply if you are admitted from a hospital and have a skilled need. These two types of coverage have limits on the amount of time (days) they will cover. Our Admissions Coordinator will assist you with financial questions.

What about Medicare and Medicaid?tt_faq

As previously mentioned Medicare only applies to qualified hospital stays and a skilled need. We are not Medicaid certified.

If I am admitted to Telford Terrace will I have to stay or can I go back to my condo or apartment?

Our goal is to get you to the best level of care for your health needs. We want you to be able to go back to your previous level of care (condo or apartment) and will work with you to meet that goal. We have care plans that keep you updated on your recovery progress and help you plan for your health care needs.

Is Telford Terrace an Alzheimer’s facility?

At this time we are not a specialized Alzheimer’s facility. We can accommodate individuals with dementia.

What therapy services are available?

We have an excellent therapy team that works very closely with our nursing staff to ensure your maximum recovery. We offer a very nice therapy room to accommodate physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.