Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about purchasing a condo?

We maintain a waiting list. When a unit is available we begin at the top of the list and begin calling until we find an interested party. Individuals on the waiting list do not lose their place if they pass on a unit.

Do I have to make a deposit?

Yes, a $1,000.00 processing fee puts your name on the list. This money is non-refundable but is applied to the purchase of any St Andrews Place Condo.

What choices do I have for design and layout?

We have 3 very popular plans to choose from. Basic drawings are available for viewing on this website.

Is there a monthly fee and if so how much?condo_faq

The monthly maintenance fee covers expenses common to all owners, including lawn service, snow removal, trash pickup and emergency call system. Condo owners are responsible for maintenance of the interior of their unit. We also estimate your property taxes and include them in your monthly fee. The fee is based on the size of your unit and the estimated cost of your taxes. The average monthly maintenance fee is approximately $250.00.

Would I have other expenses??

Yes, utilities are not included and you will need “condo” insurance to cover the interior of your unit and the contents.

What are the relationships between St Andrews Place Condominiums, McCready Manor, and Telford Terrace?

Good question. Together we are the St Andrews Retirement Community, a Certified Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Each area offers a distinct level of care. Individuals living in a condominium should be independent and able to manage with minimal support. McCready Manor is a Certified Assisted Living Facility. Individuals rent apartments and may or may not need help with activities of daily living (check out the McCready Manor tab). Telford Terrace is a licensed nursing home.

Am I guaranteed a placed in one of the other areas if I need additional care?

Taking care of our residents is very important. While we can not guarantee you a place we will give your request a priority. If an apartment or bed is not available we can help you make arrangements for a short period until we can accommodate you at the level of care you need.

Are there any restrictions about living in a condo?

Yes, any time you group people together you have to establish rules. Since we are a Certified CCRC the Commonwealth of Kentucky has set an age restriction of 60 years old and no Medicaid. The condominium owners have a few other restrictions such as no pets, this must be your primary residence, you can not operate a business out of your unit, and you can not sublet your condo.

When I get ready for another level of care what happens to my condo?

Another good question. The Developer, the legal St. Andrew’s entity (whom you purchased the condo from) has “first right of refusal” to buy back the condo. The repurchase price is pre-determined in your Master Deed. All of this information is explained to you when you purchase your unit and you are asked to sign that you received that information.